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08 junio 2008

Thats how sometimes a doctor gains money..

LOL, great Photo!

Check some other great stuff here! :P

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Capitán Melcocha dijo...

jajaja!! está buenísimo! de viaje que sí!

ya lo había visto hace un tiempillo, pero nunca está de más!!

Graham dijo...

Doesn't really benefit the english doctor at all, all he stands to do is increase his workload and also, because of budget, lessen the efficiency of the health care system which would in turn force more people into the private sectors and generally cripple the economy of the UK.

It's also clearly shopped, I mean those aren't real people. Look how papery they look.

K dijo...

graham: that is a comic strip from Quino, a very acid graphic humorist. Youy can se more form him in Wikipedia.
And, please, don't be a troll.

Anónimo dijo...

k: that is a troll from graham, a very troller. Youy can se more form him in The Interwebs.
And, please, don't be a faggot.

Santiago dijo...

k don't be an idiot graham is just joking.

Anónimo dijo...

shhhh do not talk about b

Anónimo dijo...

no dija nada sobre /b/ lololol

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